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Real World English: Communication for Life

Real World View

UK’s Eurovision showing makes a song and dance of cross-cultural commu­nication

17 May 2016

Whether we love it or loathe it, the Eurovision Song Contest is an annual reminder that English is a language with a massive cultural significance, but does the UK’s repeated failure tell us something more profound? Read more…

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Exporting is great—in theory

01 March 2016

We’ve got talent, products and innovation galore, but do we have the language skills to make it work? Read more…

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Worlds Apart

05 January 2016

Why do undergraduate programmes ignore the fact that the key skills students need are those of clear, effective communication in their written and spoken language and not formal, academic obfuscation? Perhaps it is time for a sea change. Read more…

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The Lost Art Of Languages

15 December 2015

One of the least appealing traits of the globalisation of English is the flawed belief that we no longer need to learn local languages in order to communicate with other nations. But this is an incredibly dangerous and short-term approach. Read more…

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Put Up Or Shut Up

08 December 2015

Many of the ways we communicate are entirely instinctive—we do it because we always have. But what is instinctive is also sometimes thoughtless and when we com­municate across language boundaries we need a lot more empathy and a much better sense of judgment. Read more…

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One Way Street

01 December 2015

It's a widely-accepted fact that English is the global business language, and that it will continue to be so for many years to come. What is less clear is to what extent this fact has allowed native speakers—the 400 million or so people on the planet fortunate to have been born in an English-speaking environment—to claim some form of cultural ‘victory’ over non-natives. Read more…

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