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Real World English: Communication for Life

Real World Training: tuition and workshops

Whatever your needs or level of English, there is a Real World English training package to suit.

Training for native speakers

Real World English is founded on the philo­sophy that all com­munication is a two-way respon­sibility. True vision­aries in the world of inter­national business recognise this and adapt their language use accord­ingly — but iden­tifying how and when to modify your lang­uage isn't an instinc­tive skill. That's where we can help with dedi­cated training workshops for all your inter­national-facing staff or with one-to-one training for key personnel. Both formats take dele­gates through the key areas of com­munication, high­lighting where language barriers exist and the best ways to manage them.

Training for learners

With so much com­munication managed online, it makes perfect sense to receive language training through the same inter­active medium. We offer dedicated Skype lessons, delivered at times to suit your schedule. Far from the typical conversation class, this is an op­portunity for you to set the agenda of your study in an environment that most closely matches the real work of work.

We'd love to discuss your needs in more detail.

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